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In an attempt to revamp the image of Bihar police that generally evokes the picture of a pot-bellied, overweight, baton-swirling man in uniform, the state government has formed a 'dress committee' to look into the possibility of a new uniform that would give a different, 'sharp' image of the law enforcement officials in Bihar, sources in police said.

The committee is being led by Additional Director General of Police Abhayanand who will be assisted by IG (Provision) S. K. Bhardwaj, IG (Administration) Anil Sinha and three other IGs, DIGs, and four Superintendents of Police (SPs), officials said.

The move is the result of recent disparaging comments made by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who had said that the sub-inspectors and havaldars, in their antiquated uniform, looked more like clowns and projected a bad image of the entire police force.

Kumar had also approved Rs. 2,650 cash for each sub-inspector to be spent on their new uniform each year.

The newly-formed committee will also consider improvement in other parts of the overall police uniform including shoes, belts, and badges, officials said.


fearless said...

My Father Was Working As S.I In Bihar Police & He Was Expired In 1986..But department Not taken Action For My Family & My Recruitment So I Hate Bihar Police.....

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